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There Were Dinosaurs Everywhere!
A Rhyming Romp Through Dinosaur History

Children's Book written by Howard Temperley, with illustrations by Michael Kline; published by KWS Publishers

The phenomenon of the dinosaur is one that continues to fascinate people of all ages. It is not hard to see why: these monstrous creatures dominated the earth in their day somewhat similarly to the way humans dominate the earth today. Certainly, the vast differences between dinosaurs and humans probably account for the enthrallment—we are amazed that such "mythical" creatures actually did exist.

There Were Dinosaurs Everywhere!: A Rhyming Romp Through Dinosaur History is a fun-filled history of the many species of dinosaurs, their eras, interesting facts about them, why the age of dinosaurs came to an end, and a dinosaur timeline—all told in an appealing verse form that children from ages 5 to 12 will find informative, funny and unforgettable.

This book contains much of the factual and historical information that a middle-school textbook on dinosaurs might contain, but the big difference between such textbooks and There Were Dinosaurs Everywhere! is that this is an instructional, educational book that no child (and perhaps many adults) will not want to put down.

Mr. Temperley's verse is captivating and catchy; Mr. Kline's illustrations are amusing and attractive. This is a unique addition to children's books on dinosaurs, and it is sure to stand out from the others—those that simply don't have the same flair for telling a very popular story.

Howard Temperley lives in Norwich England, where until recently, he taught American History at the nearby University of East Anglia. He began writing humorous poems about dinosaurs for his two grandchildren, who showed them to classmates and teachers—with whom the verse proved to be quite popular. He was soon on his way to writing There Were Dinosaurs Everywhere! Although he has published several academic books and a memoir, this is his first children’s book.

About the Illustrator

Michael Kline is fascinated by the way in which children view the world—including the adults who populate it. Add to that his gift for imbuing animals (often cats and dogs) with human thoughts and you have a man whose drawings bring words to life for people of all ages. Through his art in more than forty books and in Kids Discover magazine, children may be familiar with Mr. Kline’s ability to illustrate facts with an appropriate dose of humor and imagination. Mr. Kline, who often visits classrooms to teach the art of creating cartoons, lives in Wichita, Kansas with his wife and children.